Film screening and panel discussion for ‘The House I Live In’ coming to campus

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Promotional poster for "The House I lLive In"

Promotional poster for “The House I Live In”

“The House I Live In,” a documentary on drug issues in America, will be showing next week on campus.

While the famous “War on Drugs” campaign is well-known, it has accomplished very little in actually preventing drug crimes in the US.

Part of the issue is the one-size-fits-all approach to putting drug users into a correctional facility rather than other approaches, like rehab or counseling. The documentary reveals that jail time for minor drug use can result in inmates becoming more hardened criminals, worsening the issue. There is also a disparity between how the majority of the population is dealt with who have committed drug crimes versus minorities.

Following the movie is a panel with discussion of the drug issues presented and discussion of how changes can be made.

The showing was made possible by the Multicultural Resource Center, the Center for Wellness Promotion and the Center for Graduate Life.

The showing starts March 25  at 7 p.m. in the Student Union Rooms GHI.

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