An environmentalist conundrum: clean energy windmills are responsible for killing numerous bald eagles

| March 18, 2014 | 3 Comments

Imagine you are an eagle, the symbol of democracy and the American dream. As you majestically soar through the clouds, surrounded by mountains, the world below you opens up and the clouds break, ready to receive you. Your eyes spot something delicious for dessert. The clouds dissipate as you dive towards your target, taking the morsel into your mouth by surprise. Beginning to fly higher and higher above the trees, something strikes you. You don’t know what happened, but now you are falling and your wings don’t seem to work. As you impact the ground, your sight blurs and you black out.

When one of the greatest heavenly creatures comes crashing down to the ground in the most tragic manner, all Americans should be disquieted. Yet this happens day after day, coming from a killer that you’d least suspect.

When it comes to the environment, we consider coal and oil to be major contributors for the issues of global climate change. So instead of using environmentally harmful sources, wind and solar energy have gained much ground. Clean and reliable, they are safe to maintain and provide a never-ending supply of energy. But believe it or not, the eagle is actually a victim of these clean energy sources.

These environmentally friendly power sources have major impacts on our lives. But in order to incorporate them into our infrastructure, forests, rich with varieties of wildlife, must be removed. The locations of these major construction projects were once the homes of numerous fuzzy, furry and feathered creatures that we all know and love.

The major problem facing eagles, however, isn’t just the clearing of habitats – it’s the windmills themselves. Their propellers have lots of momentum, not stopping for anything, including unsuspecting, innocent eagles. It would be one thing if this only startled them, but in truth, they are usually paralyzed, or worse, snapped in half.

It’s shocking those who call themselves environmentalists have done nothing to quell the immense and irreparable damage done to countless numbers of these precious birds. We need to learn from our mistakes – acknowledge them, not ignore them. At times we must admit that we have failed. Then and only then will we be able to save the eagles and restore the symbol of the American dream.


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  1. Luke Russell says:

    This is truly terrible writing, in fact I am not sure there are words for how inadequately this entire argument is. I don’t blame the author, I blame establishment that has such low standards.

  2. Luke Russell says:

    Other than a JRR Tolkien intro equating environmentalism to American symbolism and democracy is there any point to this article other than to say “we failed?” An argumentative essay must provide either factual outcomes or alternative solutions. Are there any citations to outside sources or is this entirely plagiarism from a google search?

  3. Luke Russell says:

    P.S. is it not the definition of irony that opinions about an opinion article have to be screened and approved?

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