Garage-Pop act Sleeper Agent coming to Amos’ with New Politics

| January 22, 2014 | 5 Comments
The band members of Sleeper Agent. Photo courtesy of Sleeper Agent official website

The band members of Sleeper Agent. Photo courtesy of Sleeper Agent official website

Sleeper Agent, the self described “over-achieving Little Garage-Pop Act That Could,” formed in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2011. The band members are comprised of Alex Kandel, Tony Smith, Lee Williams, Josh Martin and Scott Gardner. The group’s debut album “Celebrasion,” released in September 2011, put Sleeper Agent on the map for a “band to watch,” according to Rolling Stone magazine.

The alternative rock group will release their new album “About Last Night” on March 25.  “About Last Night” was the result of a spontaneous night of fun, relaxation and Walden-esque seclusion in the mountains of Kentucky.

“We went out to the middle of nowhere in the mountains, and we rented a cabin that had no wifi or anything for a week,” said Tony Smith, Sleeper Agent’s singer-guitarist. “So we just bought groceries and entertained ourselves and played music all day.”

Five days after the group’s mini-vacation, the group emerged with 10 tracks for “About Last Night.”

Smith also shared one of the challenges Sleeper Agent faces to stand out from other music groups in the alternative rock scene.

“That’s a nightmare that haunts me every day. In the internet age anybody can put out an album…It’s all been done before,” said Smith. “The only way we’re able to stand out at all is just our energy live…We try to keep our sound unique.”

Sleeper Agent samples an eclectic range of genres to keep their music fresh and maintains an interpersonal relationship with their audiences by mingling with the crowd.

“I’m personally inspired by a lot of female artists,” said Smith. “Haim recently has been a really great rock and roll band. They’re like four girls. They rock harder than most guys. They’re inspiring.”

Sleeper Agent will perform along with New Politics at Amos’ Southend on Thursday, Jan. 23.

For students who also purchased tickets for the Firefly music festival this summer in Denver, Sleeper Agent will also perform along with Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, the Lumineers and more.

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  1. uhnm11 says:

    This is gonna be a great show!You can prepare for it by getting Sleeper Agent’s new single:

  2. Rachel says:

    I am SO excited for this tour! Already have my tickets locked down. Plus I grabbed that free download of “Waves” from can’t wait to hear them play it live!!

  3. Netan says:

    Agreed, “Waves” is sick! If you haven’t seen the lyric video it’s definitely worth watching.

  4. Ross CMR says:

    Sleeper agent is the perfect match for new politics! couldnt ask for a better opener. Plus the band is super involved with new media, check out their Spotify playlist i just found:

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