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It’s a known problem that school spirit is lacking on the UNC Charlotte campus. Too often we see students wearing the apparel of another university. UNC Charlotte apparel should be a must-have in a 49er’s closet. Unfortunately, collegiate apparel can be quite expensive. Here’s a look at some different stores that carry UNC Charlotte apparel that can fit in any college student’s budget.

Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte (Located in the Student Union)
Although the Barnes & Noble bookstore carries the biggest selection of 49er apparel and gear, it is the most expensive. The store always seems to have a large stock in the store and the racks are filled with a good variety of sizes. The store carries Polo Ralph Lauren for those who can afford the super sleek 49er apparel. If you are a UNC Charlotte student, keep tabs on your student email. The bookstore will send out emails regarding sales and discounts from time to time. If you’re looking for car decals, glassware, home décor or other UNC Charlotte accessories, this is the place to go.

Gray’s College Bookstore (9430 University City Blvd.)
For another store carrying a great selection of 49er gear, check out the locally owned and operated Gray’s College Bookstore. Although still on the pricy side, their sales are great when they have them and they do tend to carry some different apparel than Barnes & Noble. They usually have a great range of sizes and color choices, but it is a smaller store than Barnes & Noble.

Target (8120 University City Boulevard)
Department stores and large retailers have caught on to the trend and now try to cater to the local schools. At the Target stores in the University area, you can find a very small selection of UNC Charlotte apparel and gear. There is currently more 49er gear for babies and kids than there is for adults, but the seriously slashed prices are worth it if you can find something in your size. UNC Charlotte 49er shirts are currently 70 percent off at the Target across from campus, so go stock up.

Walmart (7735 N. Tryon St.)
Like Target and other large retailers, Walmart also sells UNC Charlotte 49er gear. There hardly seemed to be anything in stock and the size selection was extremely picked over. The prices are significantly lower than the bookstore’s for t-shirts and sweatshirts, but the selection is slim. I’m going to bet that they were just out of stock, so Walmart is definitely a place to keep your eye on for cheap 49er gear. It might be a hit or miss place for apparel, but it would be a big hit and little slam to your wallet if you find something.

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Libby Weihsmann

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Libby Weihsmann is the 2013-2014 Sports Editor for the Niner Times. She is pursuing a Communications Studies degree with a concentration in Mass Media and a minor in Journalism at UNC Charlotte.

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  1. Mg fielding says:

    Hi Libby , just a quick update on the university walmart on tryon. I spoke with the store manager and 49er merchandise rep on Labor Day week-end and the store is committed to uncharlotte 100% they are very eager to hear from students faculty and fans on what they can do to bring the 49ers what we want. The store is proud to be a uncharlotte team member and so I encourage everyone to shop there and give feedback on what is needed to complete a 49er fans ensemble from tailgating to attire. Go niners!!!!!!!
    Thanks much for sharing the shopping scoop with the niner nation!
    Mg fielding

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