Scarowinds is satisfyingly spooky

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Not only is fall my favorite season, but Halloween is my all time favorite holiday of the year. My love for all things spooky and creepy continues to grow each year. When a friend of mine called me and asked if I wanted to go to Scarowinds, I couldn’t get my “YES!” answer out of my mouth fast enough.

My friends and I pulled up to Scarowinds around 8 p.m. as the night was just about pitch black. Trying to keep my inner child at bay, I kept quiet and just gazed into the night sky looking at all of the loops and drops on the coaster tracks. Walking into the park, I instantly spotted a few “characters” slowly creeping around all of the park-goers. I was instantly wowed by the detailed artwork on each character’s face. To say I was impressed with the costumes and makeup is an understatement.

As we made our way into the park, we stopped at the notorious “North Carolina/South Carolina” border sign to take a photo. My friend smirked as she took my photo. I felt something behind me and before I could turn any further to my right, there was a huge zombie doctor breathing in my ear. Shocked because he crept up out of nowhere, I screamed and started laughing so hard. I was determined that nothing was going to scare me for the rest of the night.

Thankfully the group of friends I was with happened to be thrill-seekers like myself. We had to pass through the Feeding Frenzy, a vampire inspired walkthrough and the Cemetery to get to a few of the bigger coasters. Although the decorations and props were out of this world, neither was very scary. A few characters were very well disguised and did catch us off guard though.

During the visit I managed to ride The Intimidator, Carolina Cyclone, Carolina Cobra and Carolina Goldrush rollar coasters. Unfortunately, the Nighthawk attraction was closed for maintenance the night I was there. I loved each coaster so much I could have gone on them a million more times.

Despite the long line, I patiently waited in line to go inside one of Scarowinds’ notorious haunted houses. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know how scary a family friendly theme park attraction like this would be. Walking in the Asylum, I instantly noticed all of the creepy hospital props. Some of them looked a little bit too fake, but the spooky decorations were pretty impressive, at least under a strobe light in the dark. The characters inside all played their roles phenomenally well and for how many times they had to repeat the same lines, kudos to them.

Thanks to all of Hollywood’s Halloween films and my obsession with all things creepy and scary, I realize it can be challenging to scare someone with all of the limitations a theme park has. With that being said, I thought Carowinds went above and beyond my expectations for decking out the park. The people, the costumes, the mazes and ambiance were over the top in every aspect. The masterminds behind all of this are brilliant.

You better believe I’ll be going back to Scarowinds next year to see if they can top this year’s spooky mania.


Libby Weihsmann

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Libby Weihsmann is the 2013-2014 Sports Editor for the Niner Times. She is pursuing a Communications Studies degree with a concentration in Mass Media and a minor in Journalism at UNC Charlotte.

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