‘Resident Evil 6’ is a mixed bag of survival horror

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A intersecting scene from the Jake and Leon campaigns. Photo courtesy of Capcom.

Right in time for Halloween, Resident Evil 6 (RE6) is out and ready to thrill and scare gamers with a new zombie outbreak… maybe.

With four different storylines to follow through single player or co-op play, RE6 can’t be faulted for not offering plenty of options. The main storyline of Leon and Helena has more of the survival horror elements familiar to previous titles.

The campaigns of Chris and Jake (and, after unlocking, Ada) are a little more action heavy with less plot than the main campaign.

There are further play modes helpful for those new to the series as there are varying degrees of difficulty and customizable options  such as attack reactions from zombies and whether or not to have infinite ammo.

While there is the option to play alone, co-op is the better option so grab a friend or roommate or other random person before getting started.

Under single player, a virtual partner will still be assigned and may more often annoy than help.

To progress through doors or other points in the game you will need to have the assistance of your partner and the virtual counterpart isn’t quite intelligent enough to always be on the same page.

Gameplay at its best in RE6 is action packed and fast paced; at its worst it is monotonous and frustrating.  The quick time sequences are a little overused and, at later points in the game, so fast that it becomes more a game of luck than skill.

Earlier Resident Evil titles had more of a focus on survival horror elements while this title reflects more of a shooter feel. There is more emphasis on weapons and aiming than escaping and melee.

While the new focus may bring in more mainstream shooter essentials, it loses the frightening elements that make Resident Evil…well, Resident Evil.

RE6 is just plain not scary. Most of the plot twists can be seen far ahead of time and it suffers from many action movie clichés in its story which makes the game feel terribly aged.

In an action sequence, you can be sure that Leon will jump onto a helicopter dramatically only to just barely make it at the end. Replace helicopter with any other form of transportation or escape and Leon with any other name to get the gist of most cinematic sequences.

The best part of the game is the sheer value a gamer will get for the purchase. With four different storylines and plenty of new online modes, there are numerous ways to enjoy RE6. For those who enjoyed “Resident Evil 4”, this title is probably the closest in gameplay to that title.

While not the best way to get in the Halloween spirit, RE6 is doubtless a game that’s worth checking out for fans of the series. For those looking for more horrifying horror, it may be best to look elsewhere.

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